[Bglug] Secure erase of an SSD different from HD

andrew at howlett.net andrew at howlett.net
Thu Dec 31 06:47:50 EST 2015

According to the documentation the drive is supposed to give an estimate 
of how long the secure erase function will take to execute.

Before I started the function within Partition Magic (PM), PM told me it 
would take 2 minutes. But when I actually hit the Execute button, the 
completed dialog box popped up almost immediately. I was suspicious. 
That is to say, I suspected that the drive had not actually finished but 
only returned control to PM while it executed its internal erase 
function. It took maybe a minute to find a terminal in PM and run 
hexedit to check some sectors for zeros which seemed to confirm that the 
internal erase process was successful.

The article also says to make sure the drive has time to complete the 
erase process or else the drive could be left in an unstable state (ie 

So probably best to wait the duration suggested by the drive.


On 2015-12-31 01:38, William Park wrote:

> My Samsung 850 EVO 500GB says
> - 2min for regular erase -- 4GB/s
> - 8min for enhanced erase -- 1GB/s
> So, you are right. I was remembering HDD...
> --
> William

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