[Bglug] Secure erase of an SSD different from HD

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Thu Dec 31 15:55:40 EST 2015

$9 sounds fair,.. But..
I thought parted magic was Linux Gpl ?
None of the links work.
Does this mean it is no longer covered under free open source.
Then I do not understand what GPL means.

On 30 December 2015 at 22:56, Andrew Howlett <andrew at howlett.net> wrote:

> i’m probably the last person to figure it out, but just in case someone
> else missed it, wanted to share with the group.
> sometimes a client wants me to securely erase their old hard drive. no
> problem. i boot with a knoppix stick, use the dd command to write zeros to
> the entire disk.
> well, turns out that doesn’t work with an SSD.
> see article here for an explanation
> http://lifehacker.com/how-to-securely-erase-a-solid-state-drive-on-mac-os-x-1580603733
> i paid $9 for the partition magic iso mentioned in the article. partition
> magic is a linux distro, fits on a 1G USB stick.
> used partition magic to zero out a 240GB SSD (Samsung EVO 840). using the
> SSD internal command to zero the disk took less than 2 seconds. i used
> hexedit to verify some random blocks were zero’d out.
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