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Stars stars at unitedwaybg.com
Tue May 12 09:34:01 EDT 2015

Hi all,
Below is the response from RoboLinux.
"ROSSF" stands for RoboLinux Open Source Software Foundation.
While I understand supporting developers, I can't help thinking will this take us down the Microsoft path, put another dollar in.
Stars clients might be stymied by the ability to pay.

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From: Robolinux Tech Support [support at robolinux.org]
Sent: May-11-15 12:18 PM
To: Stars
Subject: Re: Robolinux support question

No you don't Sir. The ROSSF is based on the number of Users who join and support the Linux Desktop Software Developers.

We have also asked Ubuntu and Linux Mint and hundreds of other Linux Distros to start their own foundations as well.

The issue is no one was supporting the Linux software application developers.

Hence the reason Linux on the Desktop lacked polished apps, causing Linux users to be stuck still having to use Windows and Windows apps.

Robolinux Tech support

On May 11, 2015 11:07:26 PM GMT+07:00, stars at unitedwaybg.com wrote:

Form details below.

First Name: Linux
Last Name: Pusher
Email: stars at unitedwaybg.com
Comments: I own 7+ Linux computers do I need to buy a premium account for each computer?
Thank you

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