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LP linuxpusher2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 21:29:21 EDT 2015

Hi all,
Net talk made some changes in their service and I can no longer call
Canadian toll free numbers, ie my bank.
I have made no changes to my router so it is not anything on my end.
I looked into my router anyway and checked it against my backup.
I did a chat with them and the first thing they said was it is my
router.... Ummm Riiiggghhhhttt!? (Just a trace of sarcasm)
They usa based company wanted to connect to my PC & Router Umm Nope Not
going to happen.
So they sent me some instructions on how to fix ("Their") my problem.
Y'all ready for this ??!
1.) "Enable DMZ", are you kidding !?...wait it gets better..........
2.) "Disable Firewalls" Say What !!?
3.) "disable all security" w...t..._??
After I picked myself up off the floor........
I removed all Cat and wifi connections turned everything off disabled all
The net talk box always connects directly to the router.
Guess what I still can't call my 1-800 bank.
Well now my disbelief is over, I can no longer suggest nettalk to anyone
non technical.
Not sure if I should lmao (insert very puzzled look here)
Hey Nettalk, I...Am...Canadian !!
We are not stupid but we do see the humoUr.
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