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Anti-Freedom courtesy of Microsoft, Netflix and DRM Dictators.
Most people just roll over and take it without saying a word, that is
exactly why they do it.
​Now the article which will not surprise our list.

*From July 15th*

Microsoft made the news last week when it announced that its Edge Web
browser could deliver a better Netflix streaming experience than the other
three most popular browsers. But this explanation doesn't seem to hold
water. It seems that Netflix used its DRM to give Microsoft exclusive
cryptographic permission to do so, and locked out other browsers. Microsoft
and Netflix appear to be deliberately limiting interoperability through DRM
and they are both supporting Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) to ease their
control. Stand with the dissenters in the W3C by signing our petition
against EME or adding a protest selfie to the growing gallery. You can make
an even stronger statement by respectfully requesting a meeting with one of
the body's regional contacts and expressing your concerns in person.

   - https://www.defectivebydesign.org/edge-netflix-eme"

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