[Bglug] Debian new user unfriendly

Stars stars at unitedwaybg.com
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Hi Ted,
No, not paid apps, just an Easy to use "Software Center" GUI for new users so they know what they are installing.
I am not a big fan of Ubuntu anymore.
I really like Debian and I like that it Pushes Free software and is DRM Free.
It is very stable and Secure BUT Secure seems to remove easy to use.
I have just installed it on the U.W. Stars Machine to test again.

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you referring to paid apps?
Why not just use debian
Via mint 18 via Ubuntu 16.04?


On Thu, Aug 04, 2016 at 1:17 PM, Stars <stars at unitedwaybg.com<mailto:stars at unitedwaybg.com>> wrote:

HI all,
I am searching for a way to install software center on Debian 8.5 so new users have an easy way to install apps.
Until Debian has a Safe Reliable Software center store, new users will never migrate to Debian.




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