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Remi Gauvin remi at georgianit.com
Mon Aug 8 03:15:17 EDT 2016

On 16-08-08 12:41 AM, William Park wrote:
> I would like to know what brand of RJ45 crimping tool you use.
> I'm looking for something better than $15 (ie. what you can find in
> Sayal or Canada Computer).
I forget what brand it was, but a number of years ago, I bought a 
crimping tool that was supposed to be everything right.  The kind that 
crimped in parallel with a rachet type action.  Unfortunately, it 
spoiled many a good end, as the pins didn't always line up right, and 
the rj45 end would flex during the crimping.

Frustrated by the number of bad crimps, I tried the cheap one off the 
shelf on Staples.  It's a very basic design, the kind that just folds on 
a hinge, (and therefore crimps at an angle, which the 'expert' documents 
said was a bad thing.   Funny thing though, I've *never* had a bad crimp 
with this tool.  The only times I've had to cut an end off is if I mess 
up the wire order.

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