[Bglug] soldering course

Brad Rodriguez brad at bradrodriguez.com
Sat Oct 8 06:52:50 EDT 2016

In the olden days, I would solder discrete components (resistors, LEDs,
etc.) to a DIP header and then plug that into a wirewrap DIP socket on
the board.  Example here:


The one exception is that I would generally solder IC bypass capacitors
directly to each IC's wirewrap socket, as close as possible to the board
so that I didn't use up much of the wirewrap post.

Sorry I missed the last meeting -- out of town -- but I'll try to
remember this for the next meeting.


On Sat, 1 Oct 2016 11:18:28 -0400
William Park <whp.park at gmail.com> wrote:

>     - Then, how do you connect your registers and leds to the pins?
> DIP sockets can hold DIP chip by friction.  But, register leads are
>       soft and don't go in the holes well.

brad at bradrodriguez.com

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