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Daniel Eriksen bglug at eriksen.ca
Tue Jan 17 13:14:22 EST 2017

Hello everyone

With hydro costs being what they are it is important to know how much power your house, shop, barn, etc are using and when that power is being consumed. It isn't very easy to get even just a basic idea of power consumption and I really feel that makes it difficult for people to notice problems or opportunities to conserve energy. Sure, people have ideas about what appliances are the biggest consumers, but no one really knows what their own fridge or freezer costs to run in a month without installation of an energy monitor.

There are many different systems available but they are expensive and many are very poor at measuring actual power consumption.

I've been playing with the Open Energy Monitor which is an open hardware design with tons of information for building your own or buying a polished finished product from them. They are extremely active in their forums and clearly have a passion for what they are doing.

Is there interest in me showing off the hardware I've put together? I bought the polished version and I've also assembled an arduino kit version. A working setup can be had for about $50-100 if you are frugal and good with hacking and software. Generally it is much more expensive though (just to warn people).

If there was interest I would mostly just be demonstrating the hardware and software without actually having a structured presentation. With that said I've been playing with this for a couple of months and I have a lot of information to share if anyone wanted to consider installing their own system.

Without confirmed interest I will be installing this hardware at a couple of locations, but can hold off for Feb meeting if people want to see it.


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