[Bglug] next meeting?

Daniel Eriksen bglug at eriksen.ca
Sun Jan 29 17:00:38 EST 2017

I am preparing to do a demonstration of the open energy monitor. I figure I would touch on the following:

How it works
Hardware tour
Software tour
Demonstration of unit in use

In other words, I am still a go.

Also, two people have mentioned they have units that sound similar in function and I think it would be cool to see them or anything else people have at home for comparison (assuming these people can make it).


On January 29, 2017 4:42:39 PM EST, Brad Rodriguez <brad at bradrodriguez.com> wrote:
>I know it's a bit early to ask, but the first Tuesday is February 7th.
>Are we meeting at the usual place?  I recall that Dan Eriksen was
>talking about doing a presentation on Open Energy Monitor...is that
>still on?
>- Brad
>brad at bradrodriguez.com
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