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LP linuxpusher2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 18:21:07 EST 2018

So I have been busy trying to kick G00913 Out of our lives.
Today I thought ok I will see what G has on me.
I was Always very careful what I thought I was sharing blocking.
Everything I have ever done since I bought my first work pc in 2003 is
there, including all cell activity.

Mine was a *compressed 395MB zip of browser links* which includes every
thing I have ever done on any of my Many Cell phones or any pc anywhere.
It even has my Exact Home Address down to the fire number and GPS
Yes even the United Way Stars mail (both new and Old) remember Minimum 3
Let That sink in for a while.

I believe everyone I ever met knows what I think about Privacy being
owner's choice.
zerohedge DOT
See link at bottom of above page "G Takeout"
I was NOT signed into anything when I followed the link, let that sink in.

PS Happy New Year if that's your thing.
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