[Bglug] The Shrinking Linux firewall

ted leslie ted.leslie at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 14:30:04 EDT 2019

It is interesting with hydro rates how maybe the Dell could run 350$ / year
(24/7), and the pi would probably be 50$ / year.
This dilemma has crossed my mind a number of times.
I would guess , having done modules for arm routers, that unless high load
of many different streams (and maybe even some VPN's),
I would think the pi would be fine. You add a token 0.5ms for each device
in a network (ethernet) series (give or take, especially if load), so if
you were a gamer wanting
to ring out every single ms, you even have to look at wired over wifi, etc.
I wouldn't be concerned at all with pi latency, but may if it ever did
house keeping if it may periodically cause blips? And would its up-time be
99.9999% ?
The other issue would be if it would sit in the middle of Lan traffic (even
dmz, or separate sub-nets or vlan) and you do 1+GBs local lan, then you may
be taxing it.
Another advantage with the pi in our area (or at least mine, with 60 hours
of power outages a year), is it can trickle of a UPS and keep mobile
devices and portables
happy during the long outages.
I am likely to try this one day myself. However, the rogers routers all
seem suspect, the Hitron's, and if you use it as a bridge, and have to put
another router aside it,
for wifi at a min. , instead of going to pi, you may want to look at a
router with a good linux alternate OS load, thus putting your FW on that
additional router.
Personally I would really like to avoid a chain of
Hitron->Asus->RaspPi-FW->Lan  if I can avoid it.


On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 12:31 PM LP <LinuxPusher at protonmail.ch> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Currently my Firewall hardware is Dell Optiplex 960 Intel Core2 with 8GB
> Ram using pfsense Free/BSD amd64.
> Can anyone see a reason a Raspberry pi would Not work for my pfsense
> Firewall ?
> Second does anyone have a small Monitor approx 12 inches ?
> Thanks
> Chris.
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