[Bglug] The Shrinking Linux firewall

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Tue Apr 2 10:50:22 EDT 2019

Now I need to figure out and buy the right Pi.
I tend to go overkill to future proof.

" Just because it's not broken,.. doesn't mean I shouldn't fix it "

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On Tuesday, April 2, 2019 8:21 AM, Remi Gauvin <remi at georgianit.com> wrote:

> On 2019-04-01 2:30 p.m., ted leslie wrote:

> > It is interesting with hydro rates how maybe the Dell could run 350$ / year
> > (24/7), and the pi would probably be 50$ / year.
> > This dilemma has crossed my mind a number of times.

> Certainly, if the only thing the system is doing is running a firewall,
> a Pi, or equivalent would be better, both economically and ecologically,
> (unless you would otherwise throw away the pc and buy a new ARM, then
> it's all more complicated.)

> But your numbers are way off. Assuming an average of $0.11 / KWH, and
> 100W for a PC, the computer 24/4 would cost < $100 / year. Most semi
> modern computers will be drawing much less power than 100W, even less
> than 50W, so on the high conservative estimate, PC 24/4 costs $50/yr.

> The pi, or other more efficient device, should cost closer to $5

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