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Remi Gauvin remi at georgianit.com
Tue Apr 2 17:12:29 EDT 2019

On 2019-04-02 3:52 p.m., ted leslie wrote:

> I have been very  large-ram vmware/kvm oriented to try to avoid with all
> cost , any
> extra computers given I thought they were 400$/yr or more.
> -tl

Buy yourself a kill-a-watt and test your PC's.  Any intel i5 or i3 2nd
gen or newer with a single HDD should idle at less than 50w.  A little
more for older AMD's, and *much* more for older generation High speed
cpu's... (I think the record for power hungry server I've tested was an
old Dell PowerEdge Xeon.  That thing had so many fans it sounded like a
jet when it was on, and it idled at 230W.

Stack up a system with a 95W CPU and a 100+W graphics card, and you can
easily have a system that ramps up an extra 150W when it's *not* idle,
then add 60 - 70W for the monitor and you can see where people get
"300W".. but that's not going to be the case for low load pc's with
current tech cpu.  It's not all that long ago than AMD was selling high
end CPU's with a constant 120+W power draw, (remember the first
generation AMD 64's cpus that would literally go up in smoke if you
turned them on without a properly installed heat sink?)  Those days are
long gone however.

People like big numbers on their PSU's.  It's rarely realistic.  (If you
had multiple Graphic cards, multiple HDD's, and were overclocking
everything, you can push past 500W, I suppose.. I've never actually done

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