[Bglug] Linux Journal shuts down

Brad Rodriguez brad at bradrodriguez.com
Sat Aug 10 09:06:00 EDT 2019

Linux Journal runs shutdown -h now for a second time: Mag editor fires
parting shot at proprietary software

"Linux Journal has closed with "no operating funds to continue in any
capacity", according to a notice on its site.

...In December 2017, Rankin announced the journal's closure, but was
rescued by London Trust Media, a VPN service provider, which worked out
a plan to make the publication viable. "Things were starting to look
very promising," wrote Rankin, but "when we found out we needed to walk
on our own strength, we simply couldn't."

The website will stay up "for the next few weeks" and there are hopes to
preserve the content archive."

brad at bradrodriguez.com

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