[Bglug] Super Computers - top 10 as of 2020 June

Remi Gauvin remi at georgianit.com
Sat Jul 4 15:30:35 EDT 2020

On 2020-07-04 10:37 a.m., Anthony Morassutti wrote:
> I get way too many BGLUG messages — typically from Peter for some
> reason — in my Spam. Is there any way to set messages from BGLUG to go
> direct into the inbox in Gmail? (I would use protonmail but i've
> already got a bunch of accounts and i dont want to go through the
> hassle of switching emails)

It's pretty easy to create a filter in gmail to bypass spam..

In your settings, there is a tab for Filters and Blocked Senders,

Create a new filter, in To: put simply 'bglug' (without the quotes)

Click Create filter

In the next pop-up, check Never Send it to Spam

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