[Bglug] Windows games on Linux Mint 20 much easier now thanks Lutris

LP LPCC at pm.me
Fri Jul 17 11:17:12 EDT 2020

Bioshock Fails as do most windows games
>From Lutris: " This game doesn't have a gog gameslug yet, so you'll have to manually download the installer from gog. " I have Googled and searched Gog for (Gameslug) No Answer, I have No idea what it is.
Wine is hit and miss for me, proton is missing from my best games on Lutris and some are not ready on Lutris for Gog
Only A Story about my Uncle and Outcast 1.1 work correctly 100% of the time
Linus Tech Tips claim windows games work on Linux but I do not have their resources
Also my video card is Nvidia not AMD which seems to be a Big issue
There seem to be too many issues that need to be fixed / tweaked, It would take a month to download all my games so for me windows games on Linux is not worth the work
I have switched to LMDE4 permanently  Open Arena works with no song and dance required
I may try again at a latter date
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On Sunday, 5 July 2020 11:24, LP <LPCC at pm.me> wrote:

> I have used Lurtis to install Gog
> I must use Lurtis to launch Gog
> Then I close Lurtis window and have installed Outcast 1.1 using Gog app game works perfectly
> I am trying Bioshock Infinite now, it will take a long time to download 39 GB
> I will post the results.
> I have also installed UPlay and Origin I will post results when I get around to them.
> Open Arena from the Repositories would not work on Linux Mint 20 Lurtis installed it and it runs perfectly.

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> On Jul 4, 2020, 11:22 AM, LP < LPCC at pm.me> wrote:

> > Hi All,
> > I am migrating All my windows games to Linux Mint 20 which means a fresh download of all games
> > Anyone who wishes Windows games would run on Linux, now its possible without paying for Crossover
> > Use Timneshift first to backup I picked All under "Users" for my backup.
> > Lutris has made moving to Linux very easy just follow the first page
> > Read everything top to bottom. it will walk you through the process
> > A Couple things tho,... Register an account on lutris(Dot)net this is where you will find Every Game they support,...add your games to your online library for easy install,...  it installs all your games using the Lutris app it applies all the dependencies
> > You will also need to use Lutris to launch most games I have found an exception " A Story About My Uncle " runs right from the desktop launcher.
> > I am starting fresh to try to get a fuller understanding of the steps, works perfectly with GOG and Origin, Steam still trying for some strange reason I have always had problems with Steam after windows 7support stopped I have not tried UPlay yet
> > Have Fun !
> > LP
> > 

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