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Why the fuck is this COWARDLY, IGNORANT SPAM being sent to a BGLUG?

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> I remember when I was young 1967 - 1978
> I went to the Doctor MD for a really bad cold slight Pneumonia I asked Do
> I need Antibiotics he said No and Sat Me Down, I was under 12 years old, I
> remember what he said because he drilled it into my head saying
> " This is the most important thing I can tell you if you remember anything
> remember what I am telling you now ! "
> He and 3 other Doctors in that era also said the same the thing
> " Antibiotics and Vaccines should Only be used if Your Immune system is
> losing the battle and you are at risk of becoming Very Sick"
> The Reason the Doctors gave was " Over Use of Antibiotics and Vaccines
> Will make diseases Stronger resulting in Super bugs that are immune to
> Medicines"
> And Here we are
> Question is: How many are actually dying from Covid ? The 10 books written
> by Doctors, Scientists and Biologists I bought and information I have found
> say the Covid test does Not work it gives over 90% False Positive and False
> Negative
> I do believe there is a Covid or ?? Killing people
> I never believe the news media they cannot seem to ever tell the whole
> truth
> Big Pharm is losing money Vaccines = more pills to battle what the vaccine
> causes and yet more pills to battle side effects from the first pills
> Most people around the world are Not getting vaccinated wish I could
> remember where I got that statistic
> I have notified the school bus company I work for that if the covid
> vaccine becomes mandatory to please give me a heads up so I can try to find
> another job.
> I am in the high risk group to die, I refuse to live in fear and my
> writing this probably makes me "A Person of Interest "
> There is too much evidence against and No proof for
> They keep changing the Story about how and what the vaccine is and does.
> They refuse to fully disclose what is in it.
> Quotes:
> George Carlin: " Question Everything " " They keep Changing the Meaning of
> words "
> My 2 links below Relate directly to Covid
> https://gbdeclaration.org/#read
> https://ccla.org/our-mission-and-history-2/
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