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Andrii Zvorygin andrii at liberit.ca
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I use nextcloud hosted on a server at home as my cloud provider.
It is free and has unlimited storage, also I own all my data.

I use a docker image one for consistency since I use a lot of docker
stuff. But I hear there is also a snap which is relatively easy to use.

snap install nextlcoud

On 2021-02-18 8:12 a.m., Brad Rodriguez wrote:
> I know we have some ProtonMail users on this list, so I thought I'd pass
> this on.  They're now introducing Proton Drive for encrypted cloud
> storage.  The beta is available to some (paid) customers:
> https://protonmail.com/blog/proton-drive-early-access/
> And yes, I know this news is three months old.  Such news travels slowly
> to these parts.
> - Brad
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> brad at bradrodriguez.com
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Andrii (Logan) Zvorygin,
LiberIT Liberty Information Technology Services
from Owen Sound, Ontario.

We are All One Being
Awaken, Ascend, and Align to
the New Age Sylvan Timeline

There may be a .asc file attached which contains the cryptographic
signature. To authenticate it is me, can make sure it matches the number
of the usual key fingerprint my email contain. I uses ProtonMail Secure
You can use encrypted email with me, key fingerprint:
6719 0E17 BEE5 026A 01CF BABA 36D9 8956 A9EA 0C5E

As I found you, I leave you glorying in the love and in the light of the
One Infinite Creator.
Go forth therefore rejoicing in the Powerful Peace of the One Infinite
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