[Bglug] Small misc giveaway

Anthony Morassutti moralater9 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 18:14:08 EST 2021

Hello all BGLUG members!

I have a few items to give away. After so long of me TAKING, I'm
finally giving. :)

The list is:

- Canon 210 and 211 ink Cartridges. Might be useful to some. They were
originally for the Canon MP280, but they should work for similar
models. They are unused but are a few years old.
- Unbranded antenna TV set. This is from 1986 but will probably
display cable correctly with a converter. I would bundle one but I
can't find any. Funny how you can find things until you need them.
- Acer monitor. I couldn't get it working with my Linux setup as a
second monitor, but it seems to work fine otherwise. The issue was
that it was stuck as a mirrored screen, but that's my fault, I can't
think of a single way that it would be a hardware issue hehe.
- Pioneer PD-103 CD player. Has a few decent features, but we don't need it.

Email me if you want any of these. It's moralater9 at gmail.com.

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