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Thank you explains a lot

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> > Short version: The install should handle it for you.
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> > Somewhat longer version:
> TL:DR: If you have a Samsung SSD and are having trouble with fstrim, or
> just want to be safe and avoid a 'feature' that has a long history of
> disastrous problems, add, libata.force=noncqtrim to your kernel options.
> For grubs, edit the /etc/default/grub file, find the
> GRUB\_CMDLINE\_LINUX\_DEFAULT= and inert the parameter inside the quotes.
> Save and run update-grub
> The Story:
> Soo.... this question prompted me to examine my system and find that my
> install of Manjero linux did not, in fact, include a scheduled fstrim
> (or much of anything, really.). I have been operating my new computer
> for several months without the benefit of trim.
> As soon as tried running the command, however, I would freeze my
> computer for for several (over 10) minutes. After much trial and error,
> I concluded that this was the result of Queued Trim.
> History (paraphrased from memory, mistakes are expected:)
> Queued Trim is a feature that Some SSD's claim to support that allows
> trim commands to be queued with the other write commands on SSD.
> Withouy Queued Trim, any trim command will block the drive until the
> command completes, potentially having very grave performance effects if
> lots of small chunks of data are being deleted and trimmed. This is one
> of the main reasons why almost all Linux distros used a scheduled batch
> fstrim command instead of mounting ssd's with the 'discard' option.
> Linux was very quick to implement Queued Trim, but it's important to
> note here: Neither Windows nor Macs use this feature, so linux users
> were the first to find several implementation bugs with different models
> of SSD's. The kernel quickly implemented a Blacklist that includes most
> (at some point, I think all) Samsung SSD's.
> Unknown to me, at some point around 2018, Samsung reached out and
> claimed Queued Trim was safe to use with their 860 EVO/Pro drives, so
> those were excluded from the blacklist.
> Even though people have been reporting problems with it ever since, the
> problem reports remain too inconsistent, (depends on chipsets of the
> Sata controller, firmware versions, etc maybe.) Even though Queued Trim
> has no performance benefit for distros using the batch trim jobs (all of
> them,) and has a history of exposing filesystem destroying bugs, the
> kernel maintainer refuses to re-add these Samsung SSD's to the
> blacklist. Personally, this is a feature I would rather disable across
> the board.
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