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Ed Swanston ed-swanston at ramble-wood.com
Wed May 12 00:00:50 EDT 2021

I have had a pinephone since just before Christmas and have tried a 
number of Linux OS on it.

There is a good multi OS options for testing which allows quick boot to 
a number of trial OS.

Link Below.


There are still a number of bugs in some of the releases, and not all 
phone options work. The camera for instance has limited functionality 
compared to more mature apple and android platforms.

The Manjaro Posh build is the most functional / stable with the Manjaro 
Plasma release the second best.

Ed S.

On 2021-05-09 9:25 p.m., LP wrote:
> I was watching e-os and on the e mailing list for a while but there seemed at that time to be some questions around Google on their platform and support for phones was lacking for me.
> Andrew and I are using Lineage 14 on our Motorola cells
> I am Very eager for pine 64 Linux cell phone to move out of Beta when they do I plan to buy my Last Cell phone Pine64
> https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/
> https://pine64.com/product-category/smartphones/?v=0446c16e2e66
> https://druthers.net/
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> On Sunday, May 9, 2021 10:46 AM, Peter <pjr at bmts.com> wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> I find the Google tracking matrix irritating so when an alternative like
>> DuckDuckGo or PaleMoon comes along, I'm more than willing to try them out.
>> I don't know much (or anything really) about phones and their operating
>> systems, but this article has tweaked my interest - it's a brief review
>> of /e/ os, and claims to be a Google free system based on Android for
>> so-called smart phones.
>>      https://itsfoss.com/e-os-review/
>> Anyone care to comment?
>> Peter
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