[Bglug] Computers for disadvantaged

Esther Gieringer missesther at rocketmail.com
Sun Jan 9 15:14:40 EST 2022

 Hi, yes, exactly...9 pin.  
I hope these pics come through ok - one of back of my computer and the back of one of the speakers (it's blue on this speaker and on the other speaker, I just realized it's yellow, but still same size 9 pin.)
Thanks for taking the time with this.

    On Sunday, January 9, 2022, 11:36:40 a.m. EST, Remi Gauvin <remi at georgianit.com> wrote:  
 On 2022-01-09 5:46 a.m., Brad Rodriguez wrote:
> I hope that someone else can identify it from that clue, because I'm
> drawing a blank.  The only speaker cable I know offhand is a 1/8" stereo
> phone plug, like wired headphones use.
> Can you take a picture of the connectors (speaker and computer) and post
> it here?  

I had a a fairly expensive Corsair set of speakers that were like
that... They used a 9-pin serial connector to attach the digital control
'puck'.... Can't find them now so I don't know what I did with the set.
 AFAI Remember, the cable did not detach from the puck.

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