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If it required water cooling back then, I shutter to think the wattage
on that CPU.  You know, the cost of electricity alone will buy you a new

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 03:54:50PM -0400, ted leslie wrote:
> link to pics:
> http://cloud4me.com:8080/
> they are huge, didn't gimp them :(
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> [ i put this to group a few minutes ago, but the
> mail list doesn't like attachments, so i removed them,
> if your interested, i can send pics directly to personal
> email accounts]
> This was taken out of commission about 8 years ago,
> it is a intel mobo, water cooled system,
> 1.2 ghz speed (i think), 0.75 GB ram (i think),
> In a rack mounted 4U tank of a case.
> It ran for about 6 years, and work perfect, as it was
> set up with water cooling to be a place it and leave it
> for a decade type linux router.
> The mobo was a intel at the time that had amazing stability stats.
> What had happened is the coolant gradually leaked out
> (as I found out later), and the alarm wasn't ever heard as
> it was in a data centre with noisy fans and not much visitation.
> So the system was rebooting on a thermo issue.
> (the coolant leaked out very gradually, i guess vapour, so its doesn't seem
> to be case it leaked on stuff)
> I don't know if the mobo took a permanent hit, i don't think so.
> It has redundant power supplies, but they are 10+ year old style,
> so they will not have the power connectors to work with any
> recent i3/5/7 type boards. Ram is ddr 2 vintage i think.
> It was state of the art about 13 years ago, except intel cpu
> was picked to be rock solid as opposed to over clocked or performance.
> I am in thornbury, email me if you want it for FREE.
> The tubes still have some antifreeze in them, and I am guessing
> some of the gunky part of antifreeze is stuck in the fin blocks,
> so I am not sure how that will recover, or if one want to remove
> water cooling and put back on free-air fins on CPU.
> It may be a nice hobby play-with for someone never having used
> water cooling before, or it could be the water cooling is now
> toast, and it may just be a 1.2ghz video server for some one,
> or with the rack case that weights a tonne, it would probably
> keep a large row boat at dock on the bay here in rough conditions.
> Oh, and it (probably) doesn't use car antifreeze, they sell
> special computer system stuff i had to buy, but before any
> $$ is spent on it, it would run for some period of time just on water.
> I guess the antifreeze is just for the corrosion side of things.
> -tl

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