[Bglug] The Nefarious Cat (trouble shooting)

LP linuxpusher2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 01:48:17 EST 2015

We have all heard about the First Computer Bug it was a Moth stuck in a

Last night around midnight my router died, plugged in, power on, button on
no lights.
Today I Perform a 30-30-30 seems to fix it.
Then after re flashing my Router it turned off again tonight without
warning around 10pm.
I have a spare power supply for the router, at first I thought the PS plug
was going or an overheating router.
Tried spare PS plug in wall router works, try power bar one nothing.
Bad power supply ?
Remove plug attached to power bar try in wall router now works.
Then the Light went on in my head.
Cat !!
So what do we call it when a Cat squeezes behind the desktop printer and in
doing so Steps on the programmable power supply mode buttons
Programming only the Router and Printer to turn off around Midnight & 10pm.
Now that !, is Different.
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