[Bglug] January Meeting - Tuesday Jan 5th 7pm United Way

Andrew Howlett andrew at howlett.net
Wed Dec 30 23:20:18 EST 2015

Hi everyone, thought I would shock everyone by announcing our next meeting a year in advance! Well, not exactly a year in advance, but at least announced during the previous calendar year.

Our next meeting will be at United Way on tuesday Jan 5th 7pm. Bring your favourite non alcoholic beverage. I will bring mixer, i mean pizza.

Should we go with a Star Wars theme or have you had enough already? YES! Bring something star wars. Bonus nerd points if it spans both Star Wars and Linux. Plus a free slice of pizza to anyone who brings a droid. And of course the usual tech talk, magazine and hardware exchange.

see you next week and have a super new year,

andrew h.

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