[Bglug] windows update warning KB3035583

LP linuxpusher2 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 23:52:41 EDT 2015

Hi all,
I use Zonealarm on my windows game machine.
I have Windows updates disabled "notify me but don't download or install
updates", I have this setting because of all the Crapware, Nagware and
Malware MS is trying to pass off as Critical Security Update.
An hour ago my computer freezes.
Windows tried to jam an update down my throat, a little searching.
Turns out MS it ramming an update thru to Nag users to Update to windows 10.
I dont want it, I disabled updates and I own My Computer.
It came in as a "Critical Security Update" it completely froze my computer,
turn off power supply was my only option.
More here:


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