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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun Aug 7 12:59:41 EDT 2016

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Remi writes:
> the battery notification applet included with my Mate Desktop 
> includes all this info

For me, the applet does not retain its historical data between
reboots. Right now, my laptop uptime is just over 3 days, and that's
how far back the battery history goes.

Since there's no history, the prediction of available battery power is
horribly overestimated. When I unplug the notification claims to have
about 1h40m of battery power, but in practice the laptop shuts down
hard after 20 minutes. There's not even enough warning for the laptop
to hibernate (which I have set in my power settings).

I've gone through the full-charge/discharge/recharge cycle to
calibrate the battery, but since the history isn't retained it hasn't
done any good.

Any advice?

- --Bob.

On 2016-08-07 08:59 AM, Remi Gauvin wrote:
> On 16-08-06 10:20 AM, Andrew Howlett wrote:
>> comments?
>> andrew.
> Be sure to charge it full, then do a full discharge and recharge 
> cycle. That won't do any favours to the battery itself, but it
> will help calibrate the batteries built in power meter accurately.
> Note for the more GUI oriented folk, the battery notification
> applet included with my Mate Desktop includes all this info, (as
> well as neat graphical line chart of battery drain over time)
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