[Bglug] World’s first 8K TV broadcasts begin for Rio 2016 Olympics

ted leslie ted.leslie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 16:51:31 EDT 2016

​When I first remember digitized audio back on a apple ][ in 1982 time
frame it was horrible, not even close to cassette tape even.​ But digital
audio progressed up until the representation storage and reproduction (D2A
chips) matched the real thing (limited in audio realm by reproduction of
speakers vs. real instruments).
In video, the screen, storage and D2A will a keep increasing until (except
for the display limits with respect to pure light and contrast), the
reproduced video is as close to the real thing as possible. I sit 2 feet
away from my 4K 40" philips, and it has no where near the resolution i see
when I peer out to the side of the monitor and look at "real things" with
detailed surface textures and specular highlights. 8K would be nice over
4K, but I think the reproduction will start to get closer to "the real
thing" at 16 32 or even I would guess when 64K is out, which hopefully will
be soon i hope :) but seriously, I would hope 64k video is out in next
10-20 years, before my eyes get old and dim. You know you will have
achieved reasonably good video res. when with one eye closed, just seeing
through the one open eye, you can not tell the difference between looking
in the display and looking into a high end mirror reflecting a vibrant
image. Granted maybe 32K will be ok to view provided the other factors of
brightness, contrast, triplet colour representation are all improved. But
bottom line is, for computer monitor, 4k is still very grainy, and has a
long way to go to be real life. Also 4k monitors are very inexpensive now,
based on what you get (600$), for TV's in > 40" category, yeah they are
pretty expensive I would bet as they are not as common. 4k is even out on
small screen laptop monitors now (lenovo, etc). You may scoff at 8k now,
but you will be laughing 10 years from now having a 16-32K display and
looking back wondering what you were thinking :)


On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 10:40 AM, Brad Rodriguez <brad at bradrodriguez.com>

> It depends on the size of the screen and how far you sit from it.  Within
> a 60-degree viewing angle, most people resolve between 4 and 7
> megapixels.
> http://www.red.com/learn/red-101/eyesight-4k-resolution-viewing
> An 8K x 4K display would be 32 megapixels, which is a bit excessive.
> Cheers,
> Brad
> On Sun, 14 Aug 2016 10:19:41 -0400
> Logan Streondj <streondj at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Yea, I think like Concord there are limits.
> > People don't need to see at such high resolution,
> > or fly faster than the speed of sound.
> >
> > 720p is the most my computers/monitors can handle, and it's definitely
> > enough. Buying 8k or even 4k equipment can be rather expensive.
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> brad at bradrodriguez.com
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