[Bglug] O.T. sort of,..Big Brother at it again

LP linuxpusher2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 13:18:42 EDT 2016

In my Secure Mail box, best e mail account ever !
Nothing nefarious in my FREE https://protonmail.ch account but it gives
them something else to do.
Here's an Idea BB get a real job.
Chris Clarke
Owen Sound, Ont

Dear ProtonMail user,

We want to bring to your attention a few important security
recommendations. We have recently detected an increase in attempts by third
parties to get access to *certain* ProtonMail accounts.

ProtonMail goes to great lengths to ensure the security of your email, and
we have many methods of protecting your privacy that work behind the
scenes. However, if you are one of the users using ProtonMail for highly
sensitive communications, we recommend taking additional steps to increase
the security of your account.

First, ProtonMail will never send you emails or other communication asking
you for your ProtonMail credentials. If you ever receive such an email,
please disregard it as it is a phishing scam. We may occasionally ask you
for login details and information if you are experiencing a login problem
and are already in communication with our tech support team. However, we
will never send out unsolicited communication asking for your credentials.

Secondly, do not re-use passwords. We recommend using passwords for
ProtonMail that you do not use anywhere else. This ensures that if another
service gets hacked, your ProtonMail account remains secure. We recommend
using longer passwords which are random and contain a mix of letters of
both cases, numbers, and special characters.

*Third, ProtonMail has a feature that allows you to log access attempts for
your account. This setting is disabled by default, but you can turn it on
by going to Settings --> Security. We recommend enabling this feature.*

Fourth, if you receive email from an unknown or unverified source that
contains a link or attachments (particularly if the attachment is a zip
file), do NOT click the the link and do NOT open the attachments. You can
mark the message as spam to send future messages from that sender directly
to your spam folder.

We take security very seriously and in the coming months we will be
introducing additional security features such as two-factor authentication
which will further increase account security. For the latest security
updates and news, you can also follow our Verified account on Twitter:

Best Regards,

The ProtonMail Team
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