[Bglug] Protonmail a review by LP

LinuxPusher LinuxPusher at protonmail.ch
Sun Jan 14 10:59:20 EST 2018

I use the Free account

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> I Love it !, I have been using protonmail in Switzerland since it started.
> 10/10
> I have 2 personal accounts on it this one and another.
> My Daughter has an account.
> Oldest son (not at home anymore) has an account & I would like to see the rest of my family on it.
> I have 1GB storage vs 512MB because I joined early.
> I also received a free vpn connection, I have not used it yet.
> There are many many perks.
> They are always working to make it better Chat is coming I think.
> Best part is Users get to Vote on the next app they add and how they add as long as it does not reduce security.
> I use dual authentication but there is an option for single.
> There is Free account or tiered accounts including website access you should look into it.
> I use it on my cell as well as pc.
> There are so many fantastic things about protonmail I don't know where to start
> This e mail is not end to end encrypted or you would need a passwd to open it through protonmail servers, which is possible when sending to other email suppliers.
> I highly Recommend members look into it if you value the right to communicate in private.
> It is My choice what I share and with whom !
> Chris.
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