[Bglug] Way Way OFF TOPIC Very Contraversial

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And factually incorrect

Antibiotics and vaccines have very different vectors and impacts upon our
bodies for very different reasons

Please do not share such misinformation


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I remember when I was young 1967 - 1978

I went to the Doctor MD for a really bad cold slight Pneumonia I asked Do I
need Antibiotics he said No and Sat Me Down, I was under 12 years old, I
remember what he said because he drilled it into my head saying

" This is the most important thing I can tell you if you remember anything
remember what I am telling you now ! "

He and 3 other Doctors in that era also said the same the thing

" Antibiotics and Vaccines should Only be used if Your Immune system is
losing the battle and you are at risk of becoming Very Sick"

The Reason the Doctors gave was " Over Use of Antibiotics and Vaccines Will
make diseases Stronger resulting in Super bugs that are immune to

And Here we are

Question is: How many are actually dying from Covid ? The 10 books written
by Doctors, Scientists and Biologists I bought and information I have found
say the Covid test does Not work it gives over 90% False Positive and False

I do believe there is a Covid or ?? Killing people

I never believe the news media they cannot seem to ever tell the whole truth

Big Pharm is losing money Vaccines = more pills to battle what the vaccine
causes and yet more pills to battle side effects from the first pills

Most people around the world are Not getting vaccinated wish I could
remember where I got that statistic

I have notified the school bus company I work for that if the covid vaccine
becomes mandatory to please give me a heads up so I can try to find another

I am in the high risk group to die, I refuse to live in fear and my writing
this probably makes me "A Person of Interest "

There is too much evidence against and No proof for

They keep changing the Story about how and what the vaccine is and does.

They refuse to fully disclose what is in it.


George Carlin: " Question Everything " " They keep Changing the Meaning of
words "

My 2 links below Relate directly to Covid



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