[Bglug] Low power microcontroller ... with wifi?

Andrew Howlett andrew at howlett.net
Mon Jan 18 19:53:41 EST 2021

thank you for all the help on this.

the ESP8266 is exactly what I need. connect GPIO16 to RST and it can wake itself up from deep sleep with a timer.

the universal-solder site is awesome. they sell an ESP8266 with external antenna plus everything else i need.

i ordered one of the dht11 temp/humidity sensors and a dht22 also. I need to measure snow temperature so i ordered two weatherproof temperature probes.

with a battery, i think all of this will fit in an enclosure about the size of an old shoe. I might repurpose an old rubber boot for the project.

and lots of useful examples on the hackster.io site. i will send a link to my finished project sometime in february.


andrew h.

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