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Anthony Morassutti moralater9 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 14:42:50 EST 2021

Wow, that desktop (or deskunder :P) looks very appealing. However, I'm
working on a build of my own and my parents probably won't be too
thrilled if I get another computer (I have a few old ones already,
from the mid 2000s. Maybe I'll give them away sometime, but I'd have
to get all the confidential info off).

I'll take the keyboard if that's ok.



On 25/01/2021, Peter <pjr at bmts.com> wrote:
> Hi all:
> I have a 'desktop' computer to give away:
> In reality it's more of an under-desk computer as it has a substantial,
> black full size case, excellent ventilation with 4 case fans, easy
> tool-less access, EVGA Classified sli model 141BLE760A motherboard
> (black, of course to make it easy (not) to see what you're doing when
> crawling under the desk, even the screws that hold the video card in its
> two slots are black. Sheesh!), monster heat pipe CoolerMaster V8 to keep
> Intel Core i7 cpu from melting , 12 GB ram consisting of 3 x 4GB sticks
> of triple channel DDR3 Viper Extreme, EVGA GTX60 video card, a cd/dvd
> rom and a small 186 GB hard drive, a sound card in addition to the
> on-board audio. Pretty leds to let you know it's on and temperature
> readout that displays codes as it progresses through the boot process.
> Antec 650 watt psu.
> Currently has Linux Mint 20.4 on it.
> The computer had a second video card in it but the donor kept one.
> Also, to give away:
> two pata hard drives, 250 and 200 GB on mounting trays, with cable
> Thermaltake  USB3.0 external multi-card reader, USB charger, sata connector
> Microsoft wired keyboard and a no-name wired mouse
> a few Ethernet cables
> Samsung 20" Syncmaster 206bw monitor, dvi and vga inputs
> Acer 18" X183H vga LCD monitor
> Let me know if anyone wants any of the above, sooner is better to reduce
> clutter.
> Peter
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> about in boats"  -  Kenneth Grahame  in “The Wind in the WIllows”

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