[Bglug] Acer Aspire One

Remi Gauvin remi at georgianit.com
Sun Jan 2 10:42:38 EST 2022

On 2022-01-02 10:25 a.m., Dave Jackson wrote:
> My friend just returned the [2008] 10" Acer I had loaned him many years
> ago.
> Time to resurrect from the dead and "play"!
> Added an SSD and 2Gb of ram.
> I had noticed one of the members promoted Elive, so loaded the 32 bit
> version.
> It looks good, boots fast and programs load quickly.
> I ran speed tests and downloads are ~7 to 10 Mbps
> Sites that are data heavy eg: BBC, CBC are painfully slow to load.
> Firefox and Opera have the same speed issue.
> It has an Intel Atom processor. This may be the limitation?
> Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to improve data heavy websites on
> "Mini-Me"?
> Thanx,
> Dave

Does adding 2GB Ram that is now your total?,  Use top and free -m
commands to identify your bottleneck,, cpu or ram?  I suspect ram.

In the output of Free commands, if the total of 'Mem' and 'Swap' values
in the 'Used' column exceeds your ram, that's going to degrade
performance very quickly,

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