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ted leslie ted.leslie at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 13:25:52 EST 2022

7 to 10 M(bits)ps? bits? I think if that's what your feed really is
(internet speed test),
then slow would be understandable.
You can open the dev tools on either browser and look at network tab info,
and it will show you a nice timeline of all the asset downloads and times.
You can try one of those browsers that claims to have features to faster
load big sites (i think they use a local cache and prune site). You can
also try to switch your browser client info response to a mobile fake, and
see if taking the mobile version of the websites helps (it should).

I know in some web site loading analysis I did a few years ago, and what
was thought of
as a straight forward "easy load" site was in fact 100MB.
100MB at 8Mbps is a 1+ minute load time! You sure you are not talking MBps?
At 8MBps you would be 90Mbps.

The dev tools will tell you the size of site page you grab, and you can get
a better idea from that.
 I get 16MB for front page of CBC with then constant updates after that of
1MB every few seconds.
So at 10 Mbps that's probably 17 seconds fully load and complete render.
In dev tools when I select mobile as client, i get 12 MB, so it appears it
helps if you want to change
your client type in browser, or browse with dev tools on all the time in
mobile analysis mode :)
BBC news comes in  7MB in mobile mode.
So this type of analysis should tell you were bottle neck is.


On Sun, Jan 2, 2022 at 10:25 AM Dave Jackson <dave at the-jacksons.ca> wrote:

> My friend just returned the [2008] 10" Acer I had loaned him many years
> ago.
> Time to resurrect from the dead and "play"!
> Added an SSD and 2Gb of ram.
> I had noticed one of the members promoted Elive, so loaded the 32 bit
> version.
> It looks good, boots fast and programs load quickly.
> I ran speed tests and downloads are ~7 to 10 Mbps
> Sites that are data heavy eg: BBC, CBC are painfully slow to load.
> Firefox and Opera have the same speed issue.
> It has an Intel Atom processor. This may be the limitation?
> Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to improve data heavy websites on
> "Mini-Me"?
> Thanx,
> Dave
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