[Bglug] Acer Aspire One

Dave Jackson dave at the-jacksons.ca
Sun Jan 2 14:45:19 EST 2022

Not sure if this is how I "reply"...
- Elive O/S is free for 32 bit and donation ($5 Paypal) for 64 bit
- Opera is available on the 32 bit ISO that you download -or- you can add
it later through Synaptic Pkg Mgr
- I added NoScript extension to Firefox & Opera
- not great, but  faster - thanks!
- I look on this mini-me as an academic exercise... a portable browsing
"LinuxBook" :-)

- 2Gb total in 1 slot
- "free"...  used 952 + swap 0 < 2014
- "top" when resting (just Terminal loaded) %CPU of ~11  %Memory ~5%
- "top" when Opera loaded and accessing CBC  %CPU ~85-95-113   %Memory
- when browsers (Opera or Firefox) load, they send the CPU to ~115%
- the Intel Atom may be the bottleneck

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